Carolina Select Volleyball Club Thrives with Committed Volunteers

There are various volunteer opportunities within the club. Volunteer roles can be short term event or project roles to season long roles to support key operations of the club or individual teams.

Team Parent Help be the communications liaison between the coach and parents/players. Provide the coach more time to focus on player and team development. Keep the players and their families well informed of club and team events and activities. Organize tournament snacks. Be supportive and encouraging. If interested in this role notify your players coach.
Sponsorship Committee member Be a part of a small group of creative, well connected club members to create the CSVC Sponsorship Program and solicit business contacts to become sponsors at one of the levels determined by the committee. If interested please email Peter Nelson at
Social & Awards Committee member Help organize club wide events to share information, socialize, and acknowledge the accomplishments of our coaches, teams and individual players. Help establish an end of season banquet to reflect on our season.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity
without contact identified above contact a coach, team parent or board member.
We would love to get you involved in making this the best club around.